SZ7 Stereo zoom microscope, a latest economical device, noted for its optical features and new system, which could meet the modern requirements and the easy operation. Besides its advantages of high magnification and high resolution, its long working distance makes it fully satisfying high accurate need in modern biological research, micro-electronics industry and other science and technology fields.


#1151+#2110                          #1152+#2110

high zoom ration: 7:1.

Total Magnification: 6.5x-112.5x, 2x-225x with optional objectives.

Interpupillary distance adjustable and diopter adjustable.

Human machine engineering and other designation keep the users an instant and comfortable operation.

The flexible structure can add any accessories, and it can suit to CCD, DV, DC and keep pictures.

Vivid image, big focal depth wide view fields, distinct stereo vision, compact structure and economical and practical equipment type.


The series of head include binocular and trinocular. The trinocular shooting can suit and connect with shooting sets or the sample image can be displayed on TV or computer by video display.

The eyepiece tube inclines 45, When the main head is installed on other sets, the focal adjustment can be down more easily.

The main body, installed on the big plane base and pillow.




Continuous zoom magnification is realized by means of two lateral axis with zoom ratio 1:7. Main body has separate optical axis from a 30 degree included angle with view axis. It is suitable to micro-electronics industrials.
The combination of advanced optical technics and modern digital device makes the image more real, it can be equipped with Sony DSC-W5 digital camera.

The equipment can effectively reduces working intensity of the operator, promoting work efficiency and improving product quality.


Zoom Range of Body 0.65x-4.5x
Zoom Ratio 7:1
Eyepiece 10x\15x\20x\25x
Objective 0.3x\0.5x\0.75x\1.5x\2x
Field of View 31mm-4.9mm
Working Distance 105mm
Interpupilliary Adjustment 55mm-75mm
Eyepiece Diopter Adjustment 5Diopter
Inclination of binocular tube 45.


Objective 0.3X 0.4X 0.5X 0.75X 1X 1.5X 2.0X
Working Distance (mm) 278mm 217mm 177mm 117mm 105mm 47mm 26mm
10X Mag. 2.0x-13.5x 26.0x-18.0x 3.3x-22.5x 4.9x-33.8x 6.5x-45.0x 9.8x-67.5x 13.0x-90.0x
FOV 112.8-16.3 4.6-12.2 67.7-9.8 45.1-6.5 33.9-4.9 22.6-3.3 16.9-2.4
15X Mag. 3.0x-20.3x 3.9x-27.0x 4.9x-33.8x 7.3x-50.6x 9.8x-67.5x 14.6x-101.3x 19.5x-135.0x
FOV 82-11.9 61.5-8.9 49.2-7.1 32.8-4.7 24.6-3.6 16.4-2.4 12.3-1.8
20X Mag. 4.0x-27.0x 5.2x-36.0x 6.5x-45.0x 9.8x-67.5x 13.0x-90.0x 19.5x-135.0x 26.0x-180.0x
FOV 61.5-8.9 46.1-6.7 36.9-5.3 24.6-3.6 18.5-2.7 12.3-1.8 9.2-1.3
25X Mag. 5.0x-33.8x 6.5x-45.0x 8.1x-56.3x 12.2x-84.4x 16.2x-112.5x 24.3x-168.8x 32.5x-225.0x
FOV 46.2-6.7 34.6-5.0 27.7-4.0 18.5-2.7 13.8-2.0 9.2-1.3 6.9-1.0


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