Pole Stand For Microscope

The modular design allows most all of our Stands used in different series of microscopes, such as XTL, XTS, XTD, XT and XSZ. We also provide various accessories like color filter, transmitted light base, darkfield etc.
All of the Light Stands are CE Certified.

SP2 Pole Stand


(#3140) SP2 Pole Stand

Base Dimension: 240x180x34mm, the distance from pole to the plate centerline: 120mm
Vertical Post: Dia. 25mm, Main Post 200mm, with attached extension post 170mm
Focusing Mount (#4113): The vertical working distance 80mm(+69, -11mm), focusing hand wheel is adjustable to loosen and tighten, the Ring
's ID. 83mm for microscope body, ID. 25mm for pole, the centerline to centerline 140mm from ring to Hole.
With a Locking Ring for vertical stopping.
A black and white plastic plate (#4211): Dia. 95mm
With two (#4233) spring clips for holding the objective on the plate.
A Transmitted Light Base (#5321) can be attached, when using the Transmitted Light Base, a clear glass plate (#4212) is needed.
Weight: Net weight 5 lb.

SP2HF Pole Stand with HF


(#3141) SP2HF Pole Stand with HF
Pole Stand with Top Halogen and Bottom Fluorescent Light
Adjustable top light lever allows user to direct positioning of light path onto specimen.
Base Dimension: 240x180x60mm
Input Power 220V/110V, Top Halogen: 6V15W, Bottom Fluorescent 5W
Clear Glass Plate: (#4212): Dia. 95mm
Color Filter: With a standard White Filter (#4213) for Top and Bottom, Dia. 40mm, the Darker Blue (#4214) and Bright Blue (#4215) for option.
Weight: Net weight 8 lb.

CE Certified

For all of our Light Stands, we provide 220V stand for optional, and different country may have types of plugs.


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