Micro-Photographic System
For The XTST and XTLT Trinocular Stereo Microscope

The Photo Tube is used for Trinocular with 35mm camera for micro-photographic system, it includes an inside 4.5x Photo Eyepiece, and the Focusing Eyepiece for viewing your picture and take a correct and clear image. We provide a universal adapter to fit on the T-Mount.

(#2513) Photo Tube with Universal Adapter
Photo Tube (4.5x Photo Eyepiece and Research Eyepiece)
Photo Tube used for Trinocular with 35mm camera for micro-pictures, includes a 4.5x photo eyepiece, and observation eyepiece for viewing your picture. we provide a universal adapter to fit on the T-Mount.

(#6121) T-Mount Adapter
The 6121 T-Mount for use on our 35mm camera only, may need other T-Mount for use on your camera, it depend on what camera you have.

(#6111) Camera
SF2 Camera 35mm Camera
This is a manual type camera only.

How to use a 35mm Camera to take micro-picture             

Camera Installation

  • Take off the T-Mount Adapter. For different Camera, you have to have your T-Mount Adapter to fit your camera, you can buy it from any camera store.
  • Take the standard lens off the camera and align the red marker on the base of the camera with the red marker on the C-Mount adapter ring.
  • Ensure that the camera is loaded with film and that the shutter is at position.
  • Connect the C-Mount Adapter ring to the Photo Tube, ensuring a tight fit. We provide a standard Universal Adapter to fit your T-Mount Adapter.


  • Whilst observing the subject through the microscope eyepiece use low power to find the objective then change to high power. Adjusting the focal length will ensure clarity for photography.

  • Pull out switch on side of the trinocular body, close the microscope eyepiece and direct the image to the Focusing Eyepiece of the Photo Tube.

  • Confirm the objective to be photographed through the Focusing Eyepiece.
  • Pull out switch on the side of the Photo Tube and close the Focusing eyepiece, than transfer the image to camera.
  • Photographs can now be taken.





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