Total Magnification :3.7X-158X

3D effect, save space and light weight, low power consumption, 16MS high definition color,Intelligent screen image setting, high contrast, ultra-high brightness, The different stand and illumination are available


1611+3231 3D-LZM1611A

LCD Monitor

LCD Screen Size: 8.4 Inches

Pixel: 800X600

Spot Distance:0.213(horizontal)X0.213(Vvertical) mm

Contrast: 300:1

Viewing Angle: about 170 degree

Response Time: 25ms

Brightness: 250cd/m2

Video Output: PAL/NTSC, can be attached the other monitor


Total  Magnification: 3.7-158X

Zoom Body: 0.7-4.5X, with Detents

Zoom Ratio: 1:6.5

Optional Objective Les: 0.3X,).5X,).63X,1X,1.5X,2X

View Angle Attachment: 35 degree for the standard,use on the 0.63X objective lens


0.7-4.5x Zoom

Body with Detents

Laser Pointer,easy to find the objective

LED Internal light, brightness adjustable

The other illumination can be used if necessary

Laser Pointer: 5V

Body Size: 76mm can be used with any of the microscope stand, boom stand and flexible arm stand

Power: 100-240V 50-60Hz

Input: 12V,0.5mA

35 degree Angle View Adapter

Internal LED Lighting

Video Output


1611+3230 3D-LZM1611A With Tracks Stand

1611+3231 3D-LZM1611B With Track Stand & Stage-C





35 degree Angle View Adapter(Standard)

25,45 and 55 degree are optional

1611+3612 3D-LZM1611C With Hydraulic Arm Stand &Stage-M

1611+3412 3D-LZM1611D With Universal Stand


The images under 35 degree angle view

Optical Data (1/3" CCD,8.4" monitor,0.5x CCD coupler)

Auxiliary Lens Mag. FOV mm W.D. mm
0.3x 3.7x-23.6x 57-8.9 338
0.5x 6x-39x 34.3-5.3 202
0.63x 7x-49x 28-4.3 135
0.63x+35degree Angle 7x-49x 28-4.3 65
1x 12x-79x 17-2.7 98
1.5x 18x-118x 11.4-1.8 65
2x 24x-158x 8.6-1.3 47.5



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