Introducing a new generation of jewelry microscopes, the XJD and XJS series stereo microscope, with a wide field and long working distance microscope head, and a stand for jewelry use with a dark field equipment and a jewelry clip. Its primarily designed for clear and precise examination of precious stones and metals.
The XJD series has a dual magnification, 10x and 20x, with turret mounted objective pairs, and the XJS series has a zoom from 7-45X magnification. The stand with a dual halogen illumination, incident and transmitted, the highly modular components to suit every application.
A Trinocular may also be used for video and photographic applications.

Microscope Body: XTDA with 10-20X magnification, XTS with a zoom from 7-45X magnification, for the detail please see the microscope page.
ST2HH Track Stand (#3224): With Top and Bottom Halogen Light: Top Halogen Bulb 6V15W (#5903), Bottom Halogen Bulb 6V20W(#5904), the top halogen lamp has a Bright Blue filter makes day light.
Darkfield (#4232): Built-in darkfield feature allows user to adjust intensity of transmitted illumination.
Jewelry Clip (#4231): Side clip for easy handling of materials, it works for three dimensions.
Polarizer (#4235): For optional


XJD Jewelry Microscope
XTDA: Stereo microscope Body with 10-20x magnification, with a WF10X High Eye point Eyepiece, Working Distance 108mm, Field of View 23-11.5mm.
ST2HH Jewelry Stand (#3224), with Dark Field equipment (#4232), Jewelry Clip (#4231), the Polarizer (#4235) for optional.

XJS Jewelry Microscope
XTS: The Stereo Microscope with a 0.7-4.5X zoom range, WF10X High Eye Point Eyepiece, total magnification from 7-45X, Working Distance 108mm, Field of View from 33-5.1mm.
ST2HH Jewelry Stand (#3224), with Dark Field equipment (#4232), Jewelry Clip (#4231), the Polarizer (#4235) for optional


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