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An Overview of our Stereo Microscopes

Based in California USA, we design, engineer, and manufacture quality Stereo Microscopes, our products are widely used for various applications, such as science research, industries, bio-medical and education. Our factory has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing microscopes. We know how to support our customers and give the service that is expected above all standards. We are essentially part of a developmental strategy to tap into the inexhaustible market. Throughout the years we have established a successful working relationship with our customers.

Our factory is committed to providing the highest products to our customers, the factory is ISO9001 Certificate of Quality System , and some products is CE Certified for Electronic System.

Now we have 6 series of microscope, they are developed with today's most advanced technology, incorporating the latest designs and materials to provide the user optimum performance. Based on ergonomics, the combination of high quality optics and intelligent design, make operation and adjustments easy. Because our products are modular, different components may easy. Because our products are modular, different components may be combined together to suit every application. Our Stereo Microscopes provide Excellent 3D image with high resolution, plan and clear field of view, long working distance , once brought in focus, images remains clear throughout whole zoom range. Optical systems are designed to provide the user with sharp, high-resolution images. This advance technology system can satisfy nearly all-specific requirements for magnification, fields of view, working distance or illumination. They play an increasingly important and valuable role in the world of modern industry. Since our products are modular we are confident that we can provide the appropriate setup to fit your needs, they allow for more accurate production and inspection of minicomponents, they are also widely used in the manufacturing and examination of biological and medical specimens.

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