Flexible Arm Stand



(#3610) SF1 Flexible Arm Table Stand
 Base dimension:385x260x32mm
Vertical Post: OD. 37mm, main post 380mm, a 225mm extension post can be attached.
A Lock Ring on vertical post for stopping
Flexible Arm: Up to down of working vertical travel distance 265mm, can be moved 745mm of range in any position from the 5/8inch fitting to mount centerline  

Net Weight:46 lb(20.8kg)


(#3620) SFC1 Flexible Arm Clamp Stand
The Clamp max. opening  57mm
Net Weight:  21 lb (9.5kg)


(#3640) SF1 Flexible Arm Table Stand
Base Dimension: 415 x 416 x 85mm
 Net Weight:  18 lb (8.2kg)



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