Fiber Optic Illuminator


Fiber Optic Illuminator
() Fiber Optic Illuminator
Main Power: 220/120VAC 60HZ
Max. Temp: 3200K
Bulb: 21V 150W Halogen Bulb (#5902)
Bulb Life: 100 Hours minimum
Out Put Port: 5/8'' Inner Diameter
Fuse: 2 A
Weight: 8 LB.
Package Dimensions: 38x26x21cm
(#5902) Replacement Halogen Bulb
21V150W Halogen Bulb (For Fiber Optic Illuminator)
CE Certified


Fiber Optics Light Guide

For Fiber Optic Illuminator use, it has glass fibers with ground and polished end faces, stainless steel, gooseneck sheathing.

5411 Fiber Optic Illuminator


(#5801) Single Pipe
With 5/8inch Adapter to connect illuminator, Gooseneck long 550mm, Dia. 6mm Fiber cable, with a Focusing Lens.

(#5810) Double Pipe Light
With 5/8inch Adapter, Gooseneck length 550mm, in light fitting has Dia. of 8mm Fiber cable, out lighting has Dia. of 6mm Fiber Cable, with Focusing Lenses at the end.



5412 Fiber Optic Illuminator


(#5820) Ring Light
Shadow free. With a 8/5inch Adapter to connect illuminator, length 90mm, Dia. 8mm Fiber cable, Opening Ring ID 51mm, accepts Polarizer Accessories. When using this Ring Light you can attach to auxiliary lens, if no auxiliary lens, a Ring Adapter is necessary.
(Note: Different styles of Microscope Bodies may need different size of Ring Adapter)

(#5830) Ring Light
We also provide ID 67mm (2.6'') Ring Light, length 1000mm, in lighting Dia. 10mm Fiber cable.

(#5840) Ring Light

(#5850)Ring Light for Single Zoom Microscope




(#5821) Polarizer for Ring Light
For #5820 ID 51mm Ring Light use.
Polarizer is used for reducing glare from highly reflective surfaces or high lighting spots from viewing items.

Color Filter Kit

Filter for Fiber Optic Illuminator: For separations and contrast enhancement application.
(#5413) Color Filter Adapter:
Color Filter
(#5414) Red Color Filter
(#5415) Green Color Filter
(#5416) Darker Blue Color Filter
(#5417) Bright Blue Color Filte
r (make day light)



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