For XTL, XTS, XTD, XT XSZ Series Microscope and OEM
The Boom Stand is designed to allow maximum freedom of movement and to deliver the adjustably you need. They are best systems to work and inspect large parts under microscopes. The flexible Arm Stand can easily be adjusted into hard to reach locations.
You have to choose Universal Arm or Arbor Arm with Focusing Mount to create a complete system.

 SB2 Boom Stand


(#3410) SB2 Boom Stand
Base dimension: 285x260x32mm, the max. distance from the vertical post to the end of base: 235mm. The larger and heavy base best to help keep stand more stable.
Vertical Post: OD 37mm, main post 380mm, a 225mm extension post can be attached.
A Lock Ring on vertical post for stopping.
Horizontal Post: OD. 32mm, Long 530mm. We have made three grooves in the horizontal post that keeps it from moving, end of horizontal post with a 5/8'' hole that will fit Universal and Arbor arms.
Net Weight: 45 lb. (20.5kg)

An Universal Arm can be attached ,fitting Universal arm unde the 5/8'' hole of the horizontal post it allows easy viewing of deferent angle.            

 SB2A Boom Stand with Arbor


(#3411) SB2A Boom Stand with Arbor
There is an Arbor attached for Fits a 25mm Focusing Mount.
(#4302) Arbor: Post OD. 25mm, Long 200mm, with a 5/8inch fitting. Allows for tilting of adjustment 90?and 45?from vertical line.

 SB2U Boom Stand with Universal Arm (E-Arm)


(#3412) SB2U Boom Stand with Universal Arm (E-Arm)
An Universal Arm be attached, fitting Universal arm under the 5/8'' hole of the horizontal post, it allows easy viewing of deferent angles.
(#4121) Universal Arm (E-Arm): 5/8inch fitting, ID. of Ring 83mm for microscope body, centerline to centerline 6inch from the fitting to ring. Vertical working distance 54mm(+26, -28). Focusing hand wheel is adjustable to loosen and tighten.



(#3310) SB1  Boom Stand
(#3310) SB1  Boom Stand
Old Type Boom Stand
This Model will be no longer sold replaced with new model.



(#3440) SB4  Boom  Stand

(#3441)Boom Stand with Arbor

(#3442)Boom Stand with Universal Arm
Base dimension: 41541685mm.                                                                                          

 as the same as (#3410) SB2 BOOM STAND, only two base is different,  (#3710) is more light and stable than (#3410)

Net Weight: 16.53 lb (7.50kg)


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